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Nasdaq Forecast: Navigating Short-Term Bounces and Long-Term Trends

Market Forecast/Commentary for June 25, 2024

When we observe short-term and momentum cycles entering the lower reversal zone on any Forecast chart, historical patterns suggest a price bounce is imminent. This is currently evident in Nasdaq's forecast chart.

While we anticipate a relief rally on the Nasdaq, its current price cycles remain bearish, as indicated by its Visualizer chart. Therefore, expect resistance at the Nasdaq's declining 5-day moving average or around the midline of its 20-day price channel.

Understanding Nasdaq's Forecast and Market Behavior

The Nasdaq Composite Index is known for its heavy weighting in technology and growth stocks, making it particularly sensitive to market sentiment and economic data. Understanding the forecast and cyclical patterns can provide traders and investors with valuable insights into potential market movements.

Short-Term Relief Rally Anticipation

Short-term cycles and momentum indicators suggest that a relief rally for the Nasdaq is on the horizon. This pattern typically occurs when market prices reach the lower reversal zone on forecast charts, signaling an impending bounce. However, it is crucial to note that despite this short-term optimism, the broader price cycles for the Nasdaq remain bearish.

  • Resistance Levels: Traders should watch for resistance around the declining 5-day moving average or the midline of the 20-day price channel. These levels are critical as they often act as barriers to upward price movement in bearish cycles.

Contrasting Trends: Nasdaq vs. Dow Jones

In contrast to the Nasdaq, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is showing signs of strength in its intermediate cycle. The DJIA, which includes 30 large-cap stocks, often moves differently from the Nasdaq due to its diverse sector composition.

Dow Jones Intermediate Cycle

The Dow's intermediate cycle is trending upward ahead of the projected July 1 low for the SPX and Nasdaq. This strength is evident in the bullish behavior of the UDOW ETF, which has stayed above its 2/3 crossover for the past five days. This divergence highlights the varying influences on these major indices and the importance of understanding each market's unique dynamics.

Anticipated Market Movements for the Week

For the remainder of the week, we expect choppy consolidation in the SPX and Nasdaq, following the Nasdaq's short-term bounce. This consolidation is driven by profit-taking in large-cap stocks like Nvidia (NVDA), which have seen significant gains recently. As these stocks undergo profit-taking, we anticipate a rebalancing that will allow weaker-performing shares to begin turning upward.

  • Profit-Taking Impact: Profit-taking usually begins after market cycles peak, initially affecting high-flying shares. This can lead to a cascade effect, where investors exit other positions, intensifying downward momentum across various sectors.

  • Equal Weight Index Performance: The equally weighted S&P 500 index ($SPXEW) has not experienced the same recent strength as the broader market. This disparity suggests that while large-cap stocks undergo correction, mid and small-cap stocks may start to recover, aligning the overall market performance.

Strategic Trading Approaches

To navigate these market conditions effectively, traders should focus on several key strategies:

  1. Monitor Key Resistance Levels: Keep an eye on the Nasdaq's 5-day moving average and the midline of its 20-day price channel. These levels will be crucial in determining the strength and sustainability of any short-term rally.

  2. Protect Long Positions: Ensure that stops below the 2/3, 3/5, and 4/7 crossover averages are in place. This helps safeguard long positions against potential volatility and unexpected market movements.

  3. Leverage Buying Opportunities: Following the anticipated short-term dip around July 1, consider validated buying opportunities. Look for daily bar lows that stay above the 3/5 crossover averages before making any purchases.

  4. Stay Informed: Regularly update yourself with market analyses and forecasts to make informed decisions. Understanding the broader market context and specific index behaviors can enhance trading outcomes.


Navigating the Nasdaq's forecast requires a blend of short-term vigilance and long-term strategic planning. By understanding key resistance levels, protecting long positions, and leveraging buying opportunities, traders can effectively manage their portfolios amidst market fluctuations.

For more insights on trading strategies and market analysis, explore our detailed guide on stock market trading strategies. This comprehensive resource provides valuable information on using technical indicators and understanding market cycles to enhance your trading success.

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