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Revolutionize Your Trading
Time Tested A.I. Expertise
Know Precisely When to Buy and Sell 
Ahead of The Next Move
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No More Guesswork
Trade where markets
are going -
Not where they've been


More Consistent Trades
 Precise entries and exits
th less effort and more profit


More Protection
And Less Risk

Reliable signals to
preserve capital and
grow wealth

Dear Steve,

I am writing to provide feedback on my experience with your services. I am absolutely amazed by your ability to predict market tops and bottoms. Not too long ago, you accurately called the market's bottom on SPX on August 18, 2023, and once again on September 3, 2023. What's even more impressive is that you made these calls days in advance.

You have shared your methodology with me, but I remain totally astonished by what you can achieve. You excel at anticipating market fluctuations in advance. I've often heard people say that timing the market is impossible, but you've proven them wrong with your work. Anyone who follows your lead can achieve success.


Greg K. (New York, United States)

Dear Steve,


For years my trading was frantic, it wore out my nerves and in the end, the results were losing money.


As I apply what I learn from you, trading turns into an easy, smooth, extraordinarily profitable activity. Right now it is regular like clockwork and as free of excitement as picking money from an ATM. I can forget about the news and the pundits and just make money. As simple as that. 

Fernando D. 2023 (Germany)

A heartfelt thank you, Steve,

Thanks to the understanding of the Visualizer and the Three T’s, my trading accounts crossed into seven-figure territory for the first time ever in 2023.

Your loyal member,

Barry B.

Powerful AI Long and Short-Term Guidance


Simplify Your Trading

There is an overwhelming amount of trading information out there. It's hard to know what signal to rely on to profitably trade trends and breakouts while avoiding fakeouts.


Introducing our cutting-edge Expert A.I. system that provides reliable signals to optimize your buying and selling decisions, allowing you to stay ahead of the market with confidence. Our advanced technology accurately forecasts favorable moments to buy and sell, providing valuable insights not just for the next couple of days but for weeks in advance.


It does so with over 90% correlation on almost any Index, ETF, or stock - and nearly any timeframe.

This is not a 'take our word for it' black box system. You get to see how each signal works so you can see how to master trades with confidence.


No matter what kind of an investor you are --

  • a casual trader looking to improve longer-term holdings;

  • an active trader trying to catch regular market swings; or

  • professional managing portfolios 

Trading in the markets has never been easier.


Stop wasting time trying to figure out the market – Market Turning Points takes the guesswork and stress out of investing, leaving you to enjoy the extra time and lifestyle you hoped investing would bring you.

But don't just take our word for it, read what our users are telling us...

Hi Steve


Just wanted to say that I love the system. 


I just joined last year and wanted to watch it for a while to see if it actually worked before implementing it.


Not going to lie.  I've subscribed to and tested many trading systems but I have to say your trading system is very accurate.  More than any other I have found ... and has drastically increased my rate of success...

Keep up the great work!

Scott D. 

"Steve, I’m serious when I said you helped me put my son through Graduate School. He’s getting his MS at John’s Hopkins U. It was the December move that did the trick. Grateful for your system and ongoing service.


Kind regards, Kate G. 

"I have been trading for 45 years. As I have said, you are in a league of your own in terms of analysis and I deeply appreciate what you have done.


Having created and run an institute [Fund] in the 90's in which fifteen engineers and physicists created new technologies for finance, I understand the value of your product. 


It is the best work I have ever seen."

Steve R.  

Done For You Automated Signals

SPX projection.png

AI Predictions Based On Cyclical Economic Data

Such algorithms are the heart of Market Turning Points software which uncovers complex but well-timed patterns driving nearly all market-moving institutional trades:


  • First, it analyzes hundreds of thousands of underlying data points from each major index and filters out the noise.

  • Second, it extracts proven signals rooted in the timing of economic reporting dates that are strong enough to accurately predict where and when institutional money is moving - days and weeks before it happens.

  • Lastly, it displays accurate guidance in easy-to-understand price charts to help you make smart trades week after week.

The above is an example of such a predictive chart published for the SPY. The correlation of it to actual price action averages over 90%.

Stay Ahead Of The Masses

Using our A.I. Visualizer software is simple.

Just select the ETF you are interested in trading from the 65+ symbols listed in the table, and click the 'Draw' button. MTP will display the expected price action on that ETF for the next 30-90 trading days.

From there, simply wait for confirmation as the projected turning point develops, enter the trade, and set your stops. From there, it is just a matter of allowing institutional money to continue driving prices higher.

With MTP, you will finally quit worrying, analyzing, and following spurious trading advice. Instead, you can stay focused on earning bigger profits by staying in front of moves instead of chasing them.

"Today I had my taxes done by the same person who has done them for over a decade. She said she has other clients who also trade options but she tells all that I'm the best of them. It really made me feel good to hear that. So, thank you for all the work you do to make that happen. "

Barbara G. 

"Thank you so much Steve.

I was able to [chart] TSLA before trading opened and watch the market’s ebb and flow with amusement, as it matched the projected curve pretty darn closely. 

I feel like now I have a crystal ball for the market.

And I’m reminded of Clarke’s Third Law. [Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.]

Thank you, thank you, thank you for developing this over decades and for sharing it with those of us in the dark. 

I find your service and education to be invaluable."


L. Russo 

Grow Your Wealth Faster With Less Effort 

TQQQ Signal Hist Fast.png

In a 'long only' approach, the chart above shows published trades using leveraged ETFs - such as the TQQQ (just one of many strategies our members use) comparing our daily signals vs. buy and hold.

The bottom panel illustrates the impressive outperformance of our bullish signal strategy results (light green) versus a buy-and-hold strategy (dark green) by an astounding 89 times since its inception in 2015. Results include weathering the economic shutdown of 2020 and the bear market of 2022.

MTP's Daily Signals: See What's Coming and Profit from It

The decade of unprecedented bull market stability is in the rearview mirror. Bull markets are always easy to trade.


But what happened to most portfolios once the bull market came to an end? Yours, like so many other investor portfolios, probably took a big hit.

That's why you need more robust and timelier strategies if you want to keep building wealth. It requires a simpler and more intelligent way to maneuver through increasingly volatile markets more than ever.

MTP's daily signals help you anticipate and successfully trade during even larger swings in stock prices on all major indices like the NASDAQ, SPX, DJI, IWM, Gold, Oil, and more than 60 other index ETFs.

In fact, by adding a few simple inverse ETF strategies during bear trends, not only can your account be protected from significant losses, but it can continue to significantly grow throughout those corrections.

You'll gain trading confidence as our AI signals accurately depict when directional changes are coming to the markets, how to trade them, and how to turn that market frenzy to your financial advantage.

"Dear Steve,


Even though I learned a lot about trade and money mgmt on my own, I didn't really shine until reading and following your work [commentaries, charts, signals] and philosophy. 


You will be happy to know that by using conditional orders and Put hedging on my beta ETFs during the "uncertain cycle periods" I am cleaning up and reaching my goals with next to zero emotions.  My acct has [significantly grown] since the Rona lows in March (2020)."

Tom P. 

"Once more, Steve,

WOW! Your (published) advice has been worth many times the cost of membership. I thought I had missed the move when the market advanced 1000 points while I was too busy at work to get in. But I followed your commentary advice and waited for the pullback. The next advance added [...] to my trading account.

Thanks again and again."


Barry B. 

Free Trading Indicators

Using our custom indicators on TradingView, you can see where big money trades are going and WHEN. Here's an hourly SPX chart showing combined cyclical trading activity that is always tied to calendar-based economic reports (note the magenta cycle summation has a 91% correlation to the actual price action over the past 100 days):

QQQ 60 min.png

"Thanks Steve...


By the way, we've been long on SPXL since last August, TQQQ last Oct, and UDOW last Nov...  Think we'll wait until a year and a day.. before closing out.. not looking forward to the taxes...Needless to say, keep up the analysis.


Thanks again."


man 65.jpg

"Good Evening Steve,                                         

You have taught me everything I needed to know to make [earn substantially] in the markets (I have very few and nominal draw-downs over the last 3-4+ years as a steadfast subscriber). I am retired and have been rigorously studying and applying your approach and methods since becoming a subscriber and beginning my “awakening”. Doing so has become my new avocation. It has certainly paid off and for that, I cannot thank you enough." 

George K. 


Accurate Trading Signals Based On

How Stock Markets Really Behave

Institutional Trading Determines Market Direction:

Large institutions have a much greater influence on market direction than most investors realize.

What they fail to recognize, is that market action is much less about supply and demand, and much more about the trading behavior of large trading firms - like banks, funds, and insurance companies. Each is executing trades based on their own research timed around calendar-based economic reports (such as US jobs numbers and interest rates).


And because these firms control 70 to 90% of the daily US stock market's trading volume, knowing what they are doing - or will soon be doing, is the vital piece of information investors lack to earn bigger profits in nearly every price move.

Taking Positions Ahead of Key Data

Because of 'early insights' into key economic data, investment firms can enter superior trading positions ahead of retail investors and profit handsomely at their expense.

That's why you shouldn't expect them to be overly transparent about their trading strategies. Institutions work hard to obfuscate their trades to avoid being copied, especially by competing firms.


But here's where Market Turning Points' sophisticated algorithms come into play.


They're not fooled by smoke and mirrors - dark pools or fake bids. They can uncover all the subtle clues within trading behavior, and accurately detect and forecast upcoming moves. Armed with these invaluable insights, we take action swiftly, whether it's with stocks, ETFs, or options, we are early into each market turn.


What's even better is that once key economic reports are finally released to the public and significant capital starts flowing into the markets, your trades can already be in place. You won't have to scramble to catch up with the market anymore, unlike most late-arriving retail investors.

Covid's Impact


MTP's unique data-driven approach helps keep users protected from ' economic storms' as well as capitalizing on both bull and bear market trends.

For example, in January 2020, MTP alerted us to a large decline projected into the end of February. It obviously didn't label it as a Covid economy shutdown, it simply alerted us to the timing of an impending market breakdown. It did the same thing several times heading into, and during, the bear market years of 2000, 2007, and most recently in 2022.

Seeing these moves in advance lets us cash out of existing positions and multiply returns by trading the bear trend using inverse ETFs.

The final result is that users have an accurate and continuous picture of upcoming turning points in the markets - days, weeks, and often months in advance. It helps you have confidence in taking positions for earlier and bigger profits, even as the rest of the trading public is still trying to figure out what to do.



Precise Entries and Exits

Here's a look at an hourly Signal Chart for the TQQQ, updated twice each hour showing intraday trading opportunities (green arrows for buy, exits on red arrows):

2000 crash.png
hourly signal.png

Chart description:

  • Top panel: TQQQ daily price within a price channel. The colored buy/sell signal arrows and future price projection is imposed over the price.

  • Second panel: shows the current, active institutional trading cycles.

  • Third Panel: Individual trade results as a percentage.

  • Bottom panel:  Equity in a simulated account starting with $1k on Jan. 1, 2015 (when the system was first launched), compounded by each indicated long trade over the next 8.5 years vs. buy and hold (dark green line across the bottom).

"Hi Steve,


I’ve been enjoying my progress along the learning curve of trading with the cycles. 

I make a few trades a week, with confidence, and have managed consistent returns, as long as I don’t let my emotions intrude. 

And being able to plot the curves for my entry and exit points has made a world of difference. 

I saw the converging bottom coming on AMC early June and purchased a $40 call, that netted a 998% return in 3 days. (Thank YOU)

One strategy I tested recently was on ACY.  It predicted the top that followed the next day and the slide that came the next two days. 


So after watching that, I bought the bottom at close on the 9th at $16 with confidence. And I sold the top two and a half days later at $36, again with confidence and netted 125% returns. Thank YOU again. 

By the way, it’s so satisfying to sell when the price has been going up and up and then to see it come down.


I’m really appreciating the decreased stress levels of trading with your curves as a tool. I know my exit point and entry point before I even consider a trade. And that’s amazing.  Once I enter a trade, I tell Siri to set a reminder for a bit before the forecast exit."

Liviu R. 

"Good Morning Steve,


You have changed my trading totally and gave me confidence in what you are doing and so what I am doing now.

To let open positions evolve, have a clear expectation attitude, and to use a stop-loss the way you do is such a great experience I never had!

Even on Days/Weeks when there is no trade going on, I’m learning from your comments.


The next time you organize a meeting over in the US I will be there.

Thank you Steve for all this."


Best wishes from Switzerland, Eduardo  

Subscribe Right Now And Receive: 

  1. No More Guesswork or Surprises - Daily charts showing exact dates for each upcoming market turn, including target entries and stops. Choose your style, long or short-term, ETFs, Stocks, or Options. No more monitoring CNBC or tracking stock prices on your phone all day to see what’s happening with high fliers like Tesla (TSLA), Amazon (AMZN), or Apple (AAPL). No more responding to market news when it’s already too late. A few minutes a day is all you need.

  2. We Don't Just Show, We Teach - Daily commentaries not only explain when it's time to enter or exit a trade, but you'll learn HOW to make smarter trades. Plus, an easy-to-understand video series explains the simple steps to the trades we make.

  3. Add Leverage - Recommendations include single beta or 2X (SSO, QLD) and 3X ETFs (SPXL, TQQQ) for accelerated gains.

  4. Conservative Strategies - Trade with confidence using clearly defined trend trades and precise breakout calls - all while skipping profit-draining drawdowns. Use it to make your IRA or even 401k account build faster and safer.

  5. Bullish or Bearish - Recommendations and guardrail stops to trade on the right side of a bull trend, then shift to inverse ETF trades and stay ahead of faster-moving bear trends.

  6. Add-on Software - Monthly subscribers can use our free indicator add-ons to analyze any security in real time using the Tradingview platform (that platform may charge a fee).

  7. Weekly Training - Live webinars are provided every week including interactive Q&A.

  8. Real Personal Support - We answer all questions via email, text, and yes, even by phone.

  9. Last But Not Least - Our new Automated Cycle Visualizer with live data provides over 60 major ETF signals.

  • No Long-term obligations.

  • Simple Monthly Subscription.

  • No Risk - Cancel Anytime.

  • Click Subscribe Now And Get Started.

"Dear Steve, 

I have been a subscriber for some years now and I  wanted to give some feedback on the visualizer: Love, love, love the visualizer!!! A fantastic tool.

I've been trading for going on 40 years now and have never seen anything like it. Puts everything in perspective and the accuracy has been just amazing.  As a retired software developer I can appreciate the building a piece of software such as the visualizer. Nice work!! "

Bob P.  

Stop Second Guessing:

Become Profitable While Others

Are Still Wondering What To Do

"Steve's time/price wave MTP system is genius. It lets you know ahead of time when indices are going to top or bottom - and 90% of all stocks do what the broad markets do, so there's a lot of strategies you can play with.

I have a dual strategy. I buy near-the-money calls at cyclical lows and ride them all the way up to the expected cyclical peak. Then I sell call credit spreads at the top. A few years down the road, after already using it to pay for weddings and college, this will pay for a very comfortable and fun retirement."

Craig M.  - Member since 2004


Hi, Steve,


I am making more profits this year than ever before - all because of your service.

Mike J. 


I have been with you for two or three years now. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service. You are in a category of your own. I am constantly amazed at your analysis and your understanding of the markets. I have no rags to riches experience to share and you are certainly making me money; however, it is your acumen, interest, and resolve to constantly improve your service that appeals to me.

"Stay Ahead of the Curve:

By the time most stock traders hear and interpret stock market news, it’s too late to respond.

Whether it’s new economic policies, news about Covid-19, or a change in interest rates, the resulting Wall Street volatility is well underway before casual investors can do anything other than react.

Even when you anticipate market or social turmoil, how can you know which segment of the financial markets -- banking, tech, retail -- is going to experience the brunt of that volatility?

You'll continue to hear a lot of chatter about the high fliers like Tesla (TSLA), Alphabet (GOOGL), Goldman Sachs (GS), Microsoft (MSFT), Walmart (WMT), and Netflix (NFLX) at the watercooler, especially after selloffs or breakouts.

But by the time you hear about them, it's usually too late because the biggest moves are already well underway.

MTP alerts you to upcoming moves well ahead of time because it digs beneath the surface of ongoing economic patterns that consistently show up on the NYSE, NASDAQ, RUSSELL, and SPX.

Our MTP software looks ahead to changes on the horizon and helps you get positioned to not only avoid market storms but to help grow your portfolio when economic cycles are becoming more perfectly aligned.

Once you invest based on these daily insights you’ll wonder how you ever made a trade without them.

"Other Services Show Where Markets Have Been,

Yours Actually Shows Me Where Stock Markets Will Be"

"By the way, I think you are the best thing since sliced bread. I have been with you for about 4 months now. I was testing your system for the 1st three months to gain confidence in it before trading. The longer I am with you, the more I learn and the clearer the picture gets. I have tried cycles before with other professed gurus only to find they get out of whack. Whereas you keep adjusting and perfecting.

It is totally amazing how the system operates. It has especially helped me with options trading. As you know, the premiums can really hurt. Since trading with you, I can cut the premium down substantially by knowing when the cycle will top or bottom. "

Thanks, Don



"Please know that as an active participant in the webinars, and a serious student of the archived webinars and all your written material, I think you and the work you have done is nothing short of amazing.  I believe it is the best thing out there when it comes to making a profit in the market; which is a near-impossible job, particularly this year. This is the first time ever I am showing a large return in my self-directed portfolio, and it's because of your cycle-based approach".

George K, USA 

"I only started trading with you on Aug 13 and am up to as of today about **%..."
G. Logan, United Kingdom

"I have gone to three-day trading schools, and spent thousands, but found your site is BY FAR the best."
Yulin Y, M.D, USA

"I would also like to thank you so much for the excellent Cycle Analysis that you provide!  My retirement account is up substantially over the past 2 months!  Primarily due to DWTI.  I simply use your analysis of USO and apply it to DWTI as an inverse play.  IT’S AMAZING!!"

Keenan Bain, USA 


"I really appreciate all you have done for my investing.  It has been almost a perfect winning streak for the last 3 months."
Regards, Sang K.

"I hope all is well for you, your family, and your business. I am a massive fan of your work and thoroughly enjoy your service. I have tried several other services over the years, mostly for added education, but have never found anything close to the accuracy of your cycle work."

J. Cummins


Way Beyond Investing Theory...
Real Predictive A.I.Found Nowhere Else"

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Testimonials provided are quotes received via email from subscribers. Their experiences should not be generalized to mean your results will be equal to theirs.


All numbers posted here represent potential results from trading cycle outputs derived from actual signals and/or backtesting. Profits can be considered hypothetical based on those signals and do not include slippage, commissions, partial fills, or other factors that may decrease the actual trade value and profits.

Posted results may not be typical and losses are possible.  Leveraged ETFs carry the added risk of losing value faster than the markets, or single beta ETFs.

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