"I've earned more money because of everything Steve Swanson provides and teaches than anyone I"ve ever followed, period.
- Henry Freudenberg,Texas - former Mayor Galveston, TX

The original Forecast website was launched in January 1998 as Steve trained investors worldwide while speaking to groups for CNBC, Businessweek, Investools, and others.


His profoundly unique approach to investing takes old school approaches, ideas, opinions, and turns them on their ear.


It all began way back in 1980 when Steve was first out of college and developing speech therapy software that would be used in hospitals, schools, and clinics. It was designed to help the hearing and speech impaired learn to speak.


His software was featured on national TV science news and heralded as a marvelous breakthrough technology.


Steve's software decoded a user's voice into its cyclical components and represented differences between correct and incorrect voicing of sounds and words. It was even used by international corporations for accent reduction.


From the widespread publicity, Steve was approached by a group of very successful brokers/traders who learned of his work. They were interested to know if his algorithms could be applied to other types of data... like stock markets.


It was a surprising, yet intriguing idea.

These traders were students of Hurst, Gann, and Elliott, and became wealthy following cyclical timing and trading



Steve took up the challenge and adapted his speech algorithms to stock markets data, and it soon revealed all of the astonishingly consistent cycles those traders already knew were driving the markets. 


More importantly, the software could also profitably project those cycles into the future, accurately predicting

the otherwise invisible, upcoming market moves.

Steve's Forecasts are closely followed by investors and traders worldwide. They no longer worry about the markets or their stocks because Steve shows with pinpoint accuracy, where markets are going and how to profit from, or protect against, each upcoming move.


These forecasts are so spot on-the-money, subscribers never again pay any heed nor money to follow other investing services or ideas from the past. As you will soon discover, Steve's charts really are the future!

From Steve Swanson's SpeechMaster software program. A speech impaired was learning to differentiate between the voiced and unvoiced sounds of "Vast" and "Fast".

Using algorithms that uncover key cyclical phenomena in the markets, Steve Swanson's analysis identifies what "comes next" for the markets, making investing not only jaw dropping profitable, but a lot of fun too!