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Market Turning Point Trading  2021

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TOPICS: Tools, Settings, Entry Indications, Stops, Time of day, Counter-trends, Using Matrix with OSO, Moving Stops, Setting Targets, Automated Trading, Q&A ....and tons more!

Series 1:

8 Sessions - 10 hours


Series 2:

12 Sessions - 7 hours

"Futures Trading"

Over the past several years we've held quite a number of unique, profit proven trading workshops (both classroom and online), covering everything from basic cycle understanding, to market timing, to income producing options strategies, and even advanced day-trading techniques.


Each workshop was recorded live, instructed by Steve Swanson, and is jam packed with a wealth of detailed trading strategies you can start using today.


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TOPICS: Trends, Cycles, Stops; No Lag Averages, Pivots, Market Profile; Plan Your Trade - Market Breadth; The Money Cycle, Counter Trend Entries/Exits, Trading Intra-day; Your Brain and Trading, Cycle Review, The Compounding Effect; Murphy's Law as it Applies to Trading; Q & A Session, Selling Options...and lots more!

"Steve - Wow! I can't thank you enough for making these available agian. I missed out the first time, and I'm learning so much from each session (and I'm an experienced trader). You make things amazingly easy to understand, and teach like no one else! ..."

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Series 3:

12 Sessions - 8 hours

"Swing Trading"

Series 4:

6 Sessions - 6 hours

"Group Coaching"

TOPICS: Reading The Forecast, Using ETF's - Double Beta's, Inverse ETF's; Understanding Cycles, Using Intra-day charts, Using Historical Charts, Buying into Bullish Trends, Long Term Cycle Influence, Complimentary Data Sources; Live Market Analysis, Donchian Channels, When to Take Profits?,  8/8 Averages, Stop Losses,  Long Term Cyle, Bull Trend Pull-Backs; Spike Moves, Intial Intermediate Advances, Gap Fills, Donchian Channel based on chart time, Finding Cycles, Optimization of Tradestation Cycles; Intermediate Tops and roll over, How to Play Sideways Chop; Using Simple Averages as a Fail Safe; Bounces off Averages, Failed Rallies, Entering Short Positions, Long Term Perspective, Using 60 minute charts and indicators, Riding The Trend, Spread Trades...and yes, more!

TOPICS: In depth discussion about cycle interaction and market response, Bullish and Inverse ETF's - DXD/DDM, 60 minute chart set-ups, using pull-backs for entries, Value Chart, setting stops with the 5, 14, 21 DMA's, target shooting entries on break-outs. Calclulations, spread strategies, income strategies using vertical spreads trades, and still more!