The Science of Forecasting Saves Lives and Money

July 1, 2018

The U.S. hasn’t exactly excelled in the field of mathematics when measured by the average Joe. But that doesn’t mean there are not insightful scientists that use mathematical analysis to solve some of the world’s more vexing problems.

Consider that the National Center for Atmospheric Research can forecast U.S. heat waves 15-20 days out simply by analyzing atmospheric wave patterns. Such research saves lives, allowing time to warn residents of adeadly impending heat wave.


On a more personal level, applying mathematical science — particularly that more obscure field of the behavior of wave cycles — can pad one’s pockets through profitable investments.So what do waves have to do with financial investments?


It may not be the numbers you envision in your head: Those flashing-by figures of individual stock prices that elicit mania among onlookers on the trading floor. The true treasure lies in analyzing the little ripples of thousands of people simultaneously buying and offloading equities in the world’s markets.


The truth often lies in those thousands of collective decisions, which can predict patterns of human behavior. And if you can predict those troughs and peaks of the urges of many people buying and selling equities, you can gain tremendous insight into what the markets are primed to do. You can see their next moves.


Voila! You now have powerful insight into how best to manage your portfolio of investments.And, when you do, you may find you have to willfully resist going in the same direction as all those lemmings, (and people) tend to do, as they fly over a cliff.


Instead, stand back and look at the science. Take a rational approach to investing and reap the rewards of being one step ahead of the herd. It’s both fun and profitable! Math is hot!

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