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* All numbers posted here represent potential results from trading cycle outputs derived from actual signals and/or back testing. Profits are hypothetical based on those signals and do not include slippage, commissions, partial fills, or other factors that may decrease the actual trade value and profits.

Posted entry positions are calculated on closing prices for the entry date but an actual entry could end up different. Exit stops are based on the trailing stop price posted (or calculated) on the day of the actual stop price. Numbers of shares traded are not listed in the results, but are considered as re-invested monies divided equally between all three EFT's.

NOTE: Posted results may not be typical and losses are possible.  Leveraged ETF's carry the added risk of losing value much faster than the markets, or single beta ETF's., SCS Management, LLC, Stephen Swanson (referred to as "owner") is not a  registered investment advisor. Making investment and trading decisions are solely each person's responsibility. Nothing in our forecasts or signals should be interpreted as a reccomendation or soilicitation to buy or sell any security, or to take any specific action. A published signal is not a recommendation to any subscriber or site visitor to execute any trade. Any trades executed following the commentaries and/or sell recommendations on this website are taken at personal risk in their own account.

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