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Did you know that most of what happens in the stock market is not as random as you might have thought?


How can it be when human beings are behind it?


Think about this: how does your body know when it's time to wake up - just ahead of your alarm?  Have you ever thought about the amazing things we are doing without any consideration?


Consider how your brain operates at a perfect at 15-30 cycles per second while you are awake, how your heart beats a rhythmic 60-70 times per minute when resting, and that you automatically breathe about 15 times every minute while you are sitting at your computer reading these words.


Beyond natural rhythms, we humans strive to achieve other fine-tuned abilities in order to perfectly time a racket to meet a fast-moving tennis ball, shoot soaring skeet out of mid-air, hit a fastball traveling 90 miles per hour or to perfectly land a triple lutz in figure skating.


We are compelled in so many everyday activities to operate in an automatic, rhythmic manner,  is it any wonder we use clocks and calendars and stopwatches to makes sense of it all and give it order?


What you are about to discover, is that the inherent timing patterns that command our lives, also impact stock markets with  everyone's behavior when it comes to investing.


When you see how well timed that mechanism is in group dynamics, you're investing can






  • No More Guesswork, or Surprises - See exact dates for each upcoming market turn, including target entries and stops. Choose your style, long/short term, ETF's, Stocks or Options.

  • We Don't Just Show, We Teach - Daily commentaries not only explain what and when to trade, but you'll learn HOW to make the trade.

  • Add Leverage - Learn to trade 2X and 3X ETF's for even faster gains.

  • Conservative Strategies- Trade with confidence using clearly confirmed trends and precise breakouts - while avoiding drawdowns.

  • Bull or Bear - System guardrails keep you trading in the right direction, and shift to inverse ETF's for bear trends and bear markets.

  • Weekly Training - Live webinars every week with interactive Q&A.


"Good Evening Steve,                                         

You have taught me everything I needed to know to make $500K in the markets (I have very few and nominal draw-downs over the last 3-4+ years as a steadfast subscriber). I am retired and have been rigorously studying and applying your approach and methods since becoming a subscriber and beginning my “awakening”. Doing so has become my new avocation. It has certainly paid off and for that I cannot thank you enough."  George K.


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"Wall Street's Timing Secret"

"Steve's time/price wave MTP system is genius. It lets you know ahead of time when indices are going to top or bottom - and 90% of all stocks do what the broad markets do, so there's a lot of strategies you can play with.

I have a dual strategy. I by near-the-money calls at cyclical lows and ride them all the way up to the expected cyclical peak. Then I sell call credit spreads at the top. A few years down the road, after already using it to pay for weddings and college, this will pay for a very comfortable and fun retirement."

Craig Miller, Ut. - Member since 2004 

Highly Profitable - Conservative Trading

Ride The Trend - Trade The Reversals

Those kinds of trades are only possible because institutions (including 18,000 hedge funds) DO time the markets.


Market Turning Point charts positively show how institutions (who control as much as 70% of all daily volume) trade at very specific intervals - like clockwork. Their analysts pour over regularly released economic data and then send their strategies to their trading desks.


And how they decide to trade affects your profits. Every time. And that's good because you can't make money in the market by yourself. The more money pushing your trade to higher profitability, the better.


In fact, because our MTP software gives us advance notice about when those larger trades are going to happen, we can alert you when it's time to take a trade.


Imagine what you could do with that kind of heads-up information?



Even small positions get swept up automatically by huge institutional buy/sell programs - and even small trades can turn into substantial profits at each and every Turning Point.


Miles ahead of every other trading tool, this Turning Point analysis takes all the guesswork out of trading. You'll see exactly when stock prices are going to take off (long and short-term) and know precisely the TIME to be trading, holding, or taking profits.


"Thanks Steve...


By the way  we've  been long on SPXL since last August, TQQQ last Oct,and UDOW last Nov...  Think we'll wait until a year and a day.. before closing out.. not looking forward to the taxes...

Needless to say Keep Up the analysis...frankly it has allowed me to retire...

Thanks again




See WHEN to Move To CASH



See WHEN It's Time

To ENTER Each Rally 

*In a bear market, we reverse our strategy and play INVERSE ETF's and earn profits as prices fall.

"Hi, Steve,

First, Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your service has truly been the turning point in my investing life."

Barry B. 2018

Level The Playing Field

The Problem


Insider trading is deeply woven into the trading fabric of Wall Street. And for every new government rule to curb it, there's another way found to "legally" work around it.


The "pros" at equity firms have information given to them far in advance of anything you or I could ever afford to tap into on our own. In fact, trying to trade on "breaking" market news is actually so late, it's a sure way to hand your cash over to Wall Street.


Being Sold Out

You have probably never heard that Exchanges (NYSE and Nasdaq by admission) have been selling information about investors to investing firms without your knowledge for a very long time. 


The trading intentions of many thousands of investors (which is what exchanges sell) is actually a reasonable short-term indicator of price direction. But it's only one-way institutions can legally engage in insider trading.


Leaks and Tips

Wall Street knows where to find information and deal-making remains pervasive despite some crackdowns and a few lock-ups. You already know government leaks are nearly impossible to stop, and the same holds true for economic data leaked to analysts and traders well before it is ever made public.


The Answer
The backroom deal-making and all the encrypted communications on Wall Street aren't completely invisible, they leave subtle trading footprints that can be detected and analyzed by our software. These real-time, algorithms are so sensitive, they detect in advance when large institutional trades are due to happen.
Here's how it works.
Key economic data is released on regular, and specific calendar dates. MTP tracks all of those data points but detects how and when institutions start acting on that information - almost always before it is released. 
Data such as GDP, jobs reports, housing starts, Fed meetings/rate announcements, consumer sentiment, inflation, quarterly earnings, and dozens of other economic reports, will in the aggregate, create a net plus or minus effect on institutional expectations. 
MTP creates a summed effect of those data and determines the bullish or bearish intensity that will occur in the markets. We see those days and weeks in advance. With that lead time, we simply position ourselves to profit from their upcoming trades.
Remember, institutions control at least 75% of the daily trading volume, and positions we take in line with theirs are easily driven to profitability as a result.

"Until I found Steve, nobody could say when you should get in and get out.

But Steve's charts nail every turning point, dead  on."

Forrest Crawford, Tx

(Results not typical).

Forrest Crawford - Down To Just $305

Explains How He Turned That Around

See What's Coming...

Or Get Slaughtered With The Crowd

Foresight is everything. 


When it comes to the stock markets, the masses buy near tops and sell near the bottoms. You don't want to follow them.


You could be a contrarian instead, but sometimes, at least for a while, even the masses are right (or they would NEVER invest) and contrarians are dead wrong.


So what works? Forget trying to follow pricing, or adding more indicators to your charts, or even trudging through fundamental analysis of individual companies.


Most of the time, those are no better than a coin flip...


Instead, it's time for an epiphany of what drives prices.


It comes down to this: Markets and hence your stocks, move on the calendar based release of economic data. 


Broad markets (which includes all your stocks) are always "forward-looking", and big money - institutions that dominate most of the daily market volume - channel their buying and selling activity based on expectations of future economic conditions.


Those economic expectations are derived from daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting from, corporate, government, and Federal Reserve data 


If you don't know how that stream of economic reports will influence huge block trading decisions, you'll end up chasing explosive rallies or get crushed by massive institutional sell programs.


That's why Market Turning Points is so vital to your investing future.


It shows you with unambiguous accuracy, what stocks and markets will do in the near, intermediate, and long-term future.


From that precise outlook, you won't be guessing when your money should be put to work - or safely held.


turning point signals

With MTP, you can trade any number of strategies based on your own experience, preferences, account size for some amazing results. Beginner or expert, you'll see first hand how much easier trading becomes when you first know WHERE and WHEN prices will be going in advance.


Here is a chart showing an example of just three economic periods where our software highlights when prices will be moving up, down, even sideways for consistent and highly profitable trading opportunities.


Trade Short-term, Long-term,

Bull or Bear,

Same Approach - Same Incredible Results

"Other Indicators

Show Where Markets Have Been, MTP Shows Where Markets Will Be"

Here's What You Get


  • Advanced daily forecast charts explaining the direction and timing of stocks and markets -  days and weeks in advance.

  • FREE Proprietary add-on software for eSignal or TradingView. (for active traders)

  • Daily commentaries from Steve Swanson on current market conditions with projection charts depicting including stops and targets.

  • FREE weekly live Webinar training with open mic Q&A every Monday afternoon at the closing bell.  

"I would also like to thank you so much for the excellent Cycle Analysis that you provide!  My retirement account is up substantially over the past 2 months!  Primarily due to DWTI.  I simply use your analysis of USO and apply it to DWTI as an inverse play.  IT’S AMAZING!!"

Keenan Bain, USA 


"I only started trading with you on Aug 13 and am up as of today about **%..."
G. Logan, United Kingdom

"Please know that as an active participant in our webinars, and a serious student of the archived webinars and all your written material, I think you and the work you have done is nothing short of amazing.

I believe it is the best thing out there when it comes to making a profit in the market; which is a near-impossible job, particularly this year.

As a new member, this is the first year in several that I am 

showing a large return in 

my self-directed portfolio using your cycle based approach."

George K, USA 

"I really appreciate all you have done for my investing.  It has been almost a perfect winning streak for the last 3 months."
Regards, Sang K.

"By the way, I think you are the best thing since sliced bread. I have been with you for about 4 months now. I was testing your system for the 1st three months to gain confidence in it before trading. The longer I am with you, the more I learn and the clearer the picture gets. I have tried cycles before with other professed guru's only to find they get out of whack. Whereas you keep adjusting. It is totally amazing how the system operates. It has especially helped me with options trading. As you know, the premiums can really hurt. Since trading with you, I can cut the premium down substantially by knowing when the cycle will top or bottom. "

Thanks, Don



"Hi Steve

Have been a member for 2 weeks and have used cycles to analyze the following trades:

  • SPY held for 4 days, gain **%

  • AMZN bought end of day, sold 2 hours into next day, gain ***%

  • SBUX held for 2 hours, gain **%

Needless to say I’m rapidly becoming a believer. Have a great day"

Charles K.


"I have gone to three day trading schools, and spent thousands, but found your site is the best."
Yulin Y, M.D, USA


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