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You've tried other trading tools and programs...But you are still looking for something that

will really make the difference: a simple tool/service that works without fail.

Our Forecasts meet that criteria, and have been the proven solution for thousands of

investors for over 20 years...that's why we can guarantee it for you!

Forget contracts, add-on sales, or long-term commitments here at The Market Forecast.


Future billings can be canceled at any time - no questions asked.


That's it. A no-risk, nothing to lose offer with the immediate benefit of kick-starting you into bigger market profits.


Our hope is that we keep doing a great job so you make and/or save thousands in your portfolio and that you'll continue to use our service every month and stick around as a life-long member. In fact, as a tribute to our work, many subscribers have been with us from the very beginning, over 24 years!

Special Offer

Discounted Annual Membership for $995
Save $200 over the monthly subscription


As a full-fledged monthly member, you'll be able to access our entire member area, read our daily reports, see our closing bell charts, and participate in our weekly webinar training.


You'll also have a whole area of video helps to learn everything you need to put the pedal to the metal in your trading accounts!


Plus, you'll have support directly from Steve Swanson via email or phone.

Pedal To the Metal Profits

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Get It All...

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